Untangled book by Shelley Brander (print edition)

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Untangled: A step-by-step guide to joy and success for the modern yarn lover is back in stock!

Knitting and crocheting is supposed to be about relaxing and creating something beautiful. But somewhere along the way, many yarn lovers get frustrated. As their yarn stash and project queue builds up, so does their guilt. They find themselves bouncing from shiny new yarn to shiny new project, with piles of unfinished projects and yarn stuffed into every hidden corner of their home.

In "Untangled," Shelley helps you rediscover why you fell in love with yarn in the first place. Untangled will unlock...

  • A surefire plan for fitting more knitting or crocheting into your day
  • A fun, step-by-step approach to loving your stash and finishing your WIPs
  • Exactly how to have a more joyful gift-making season, year after year!
  • A better approach to sweater success, based on 15 years of yarn store experience
  • How and why to make time for self-care

PLUS: 16 simple, no-fail patterns for yarns that may already be in your stash!

Stop feeling guilty about your yarn stash and start feeling more creatively energized, organized, productive and fabulous. Walk out into the world in what you have made, and sparkle!