Don't miss THE most anticipated global knitting event of the year.

It’s simple: There’s nothing like a Knit Stars Masterclass Event. All year, we criss-cross the globe to film on location with the world’s most innovative and intriguing Knit Stars. Then we roll out all 10 workshops in the fall, in a worldwide celebration of creativity and learning.
It all begins November 1, 2022!


Meet your Season 7 Texture + Wonder
Masterclass Stars!

This year’s theme Texture + Wonder is inspired by a quote from artist and author Edwin
Schlossberg: “Indifference is isolation. In difference is texture and wonder.”

We’ve carefully selected 11 wildly innovative and ingenious Stars from around the world based on their unique abilities to innovate and inspire. We travel with our film crew to their home studios so you can get an authentic look inside their creative worlds! They’ll help you lean into your own unique knitting journey, opening your exploration to everything from Parametric and Fission Knitting to Socks, Spinning and beyond! NOTE: Scroll over or tap each Star’s picture for a sneak peek at their class project.

Patty Lyons

Patty digs into her knitting bag of tricks to show you some of her favorite circular knitting hacks. From the completely jog free cast on and bind offs, to some magical jogless joins (including a single row closed stripe), helix knitting and even avoiding the icky gaps and holes when we do short rows in the round. Learn decorative circular cast-ons, bind offs and explore a variety of stunning textured stitches, all from a circular knitting perspective. Get ready to take your circular knitting to the next level.

Xandy Peters

This class is a lesson in knitwear design, focused on the process of sketching, swatching, and innovating stitch patterns. Xandy will encourage you to experiment with stitch patterns that you haven't seen before. As a crafter, you may already have the skills to make improvised stitches using familiar techniques.

Mary Martin

Mary is a Toronto-based knitwear designer who specializes in reversible knit design. Come along and explore her ingenious Fission Knitting technique that builds from simple to complex, as you learn to create different raised motifs on each side of
your project.

Lauren McElroy

In a class geared toward knitters and first time spinners, Sustainable Fashion Designer, Lauren, introduces you to the basics of spinning with a drop spindle, plying and substituting your handspun yarn for your knitting projects. Experience the magic of turning roving into yarn, and then learn what you can do with it - from knitting to weaving and beyond.

Lotta Lundin

Fly with us to Lotta’s home in Stockholm, Sweden and enter her inspired, playful world where any double-knitting design can be charted, and any picture or person can come to life on a pair of mittens! Her workshop will include a discussion of how knitting has helped in her mental health journey.

Summer Lee

You asked, and Summer has the answer! In our first sock-focused Masterclass, Summer covers the basics for those just tiptoeing into socks for the first time, then dives into colorwork, cables, lace and troubleshooting common speedbumps like holes where the heel meets the gusset, sizing and fit issues, laddering and more.

Mieka John

Mieka creates designs grounded in
technique and enhanced with texture.
From her home in Amsterdam, she’ll arm you with the scope of her same-color slip-stitch technique, then guide you through a choose-your-own-adventure cowl
based on your new-found skills.

Anna Hrachovec

No doubt you’ve seen Anna’s
world-famous tiny stop-motion animations, from a heart-knitting gnome to fast food falling in love. Now create your own tiny cast of characters, along with a new anthropomorphic castle for them to play in! She will include a bonus stop-motion animation module.

Fatimah Hinds

Atlanta-based artist Fatimah(she/her/hers)
designs innovative patterns for all genders. She particularly loves to embrace the one-of-a-kind artist in every knitter, with texture-driven designs that follow an
unexpected path. In her workshop, you’ll make a hat using your choice of brim ribbing and several cable motifs to choose from.

…And introducing KNIT START

With Jeanne Tripplehorn @jeannetripplehorn and
Lisa Borgnes Giramonti @lisaborgnesgiramonti

Knit Stars Season 7 Includes a special bonus workshop designed to give beginners a solid foundation for a lifetime of knitting love.

Includes 3 new, make-on-repeat Knit Start patterns that will appeal to all levels.

We all come to knitting in different ways, yet all share common obstacles, hopes and dreams. Shelley sits down with Hollywood actor Jeanne Tripplehorn (Big Love, The Firm, The Gilded Age) and her knit-or-die friend, multi-discipline artist and author Lisa Borgnes, for a real-talk workshop about the basics of knitting and beyond.

In any creative expression, true mastery includes 100% confidence in our foundational skills. So whether you’re looking for a fresh start, or looking to fill in some gaps in your foundation knowledge, this extended-length Knit Stars workshop will take your craft as far as you want to go!


Hi! I’m Shelley Brander, founder of Knit Stars.

I know how it can feel to be alone in your creative passion. For my first few decades as a knitter, I was on my own! When, at age 35, I pivoted from my broadcast production career and opened a local yarn store, I saw firsthand how one great teacher can truly change your knitting life.

I created Knit Stars to bring the best teaching to knitters around the globe. I used to be afraid to fly (!!!) But now I travel to remote locations around the world, taking you directly into the homes and studios of the most brilliant designers and difference-makers.

Now in its 7th year, Knit Stars has become a learning platform like no other. One that gives us all a place to grow - in confidence and connection.

I personally invite you to join us. Wherever you are in your journey, you truly deserve the Knit Stars Masterclass experience. You and your creativity are worth it!


Knit Stars owners share an expansive worldview.

"The Knit Stars Masterclasses are a constant resource for stretching your brain and for learning from the best! And the support group is incredible!"

Carolyn C.
Anchorage, Alaska

"So worth it."

Shavetta C.
Jackson, Tennessee

"Knit Stars gives you the confidence to knit any pattern. It also illuminates all facets of knitting from yarn to design to wearing your knitwear. Best of all, you can revisit the classes on your own schedule."

Susan S.
Freehold, New Jersey

What makes Knit Stars Masterclass Events so special?

It’s all of the A-list teachers, fun and community of an in-person festival...

without the expense or hassles of airfare, hotels and crowds. And the production quality is Hollywood feature-film-worthy - crisp, clean and rich in depth and color. You’ll feel like you’re right there, getting a private lesson from each Star.

You own the online workshops. Watch on your schedule and at your own pace.

Pause, rewind, refer to it again and again. Wherever you are in your knitting journey - beginner, advanced or somewhere in between - you’ll have your own on-demand library of masters, just waiting to take your knitting to the next level.

Go behind the scenes on location with the Stars.

See inside their personal studios and workspaces from Stockholm to Amsterdam, Toronto to the Hollywood hills. See what inspires them, learn what drives them, and steep yourself in the culture that surrounds them.

Each workshop is comparable to a 3-hour in-person class.

You get 10 complete workshops, each with 1-2 hours of pure inspiration and instruction. No ads or disruptions. That’s less than $25 per workshop!

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Ultra-positive, global community

Our private Knit Stars Facebook group is fun and on fire year-round! Make yarn friends around the world, get project ideas and insider tips on the best yarn stores to visit. You’ll see many of our current Stars and Star alums hanging around in there, too!

Free Bonus Patterns from your Instructors

Many Stars will provide new, exclusive patterns as part of their workshops. Be among the first in the world to make them, along with your Knit Stars friends. It’s a $100+ value in and of itself!

Live Q+As with the Stars

We’ll hold two Zoom calls with the Stars right from their homes, so you can chat with them directly and ask any questions that might have popped up for you about their patterns and workshops.

Watch anywhere

Use the free Kajabi app to watch your favorite Knit Stars workshops on the go, using your mobile device. It’s super user-friendly and convenient! You can also watch on desktop, tablet, or even stream to your Smart TV, Apple TV, Roku or Amazon Firestick.

PLUS! We've got your back!
Get access to our Knit Stars support team.

Got questions as you knit your new masterpieces? Our team is here to help. This level of ongoing support isn’t available from in-person classes or in books!


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It’s not just about how we knit, but why we knit.

"It's a beautiful opportunity to learn a lot of different techniques and the fact that you can learn at your own pace and refer back to it when you need to, that's a huge, huge draw because not everybody learns at the same speed."

Jeanette S.
East Sussex, England

"Knitstars Masterclass is like sitting with friends who teach you great techniques and new ideas and just inspire you and give you confidence to tackle any project!"

Debbie L.
Anna, Texas

"I feel like I’ve been given a treasure map. I am so inspired, comforted, and grateful for the diversity of the workshops… Each one of the workshops has given me insight into not just how to knit, but why I knit."

Mary A.
New York, NY

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Season 7 Guarantee

We know life can sometimes get in the way of knitting and learning. If you change your mind anytime before the first workshop drops on November 1, 2022, simply email to request a full refund of your Season 7 Masterclass purchase - no questions asked.