Loops Luxe Chunky 3-pack

$ 44.99

We've waited 15 years for this...and it's finally here!

Loops Luxe is our very own exclusive yarn - the yarn of our dreams. It's a blend fit for a queen: 70% Royal Alpaca (the best of the best) and 30% silk with a lovely twist, delicious silky sheen and next-to-your-neck softness. 

We created a simple palette of our favorite hues: Natural, Charcoal, Light Grey, Loops Blue and Perfectly Pink. 


Casapinka is known for her bright, energetic colors, but her latest shawl, "Powder Wrap," is a squishy, monochromatic beauty! We used light grey Loops Luxe Royal Alpaca/Silk, and the texture and squish of this shawl is unbelievable.  Although Loops Luxe is considered a chunky yarn, we achieved the recommended gauge of 4 stitches per inch with a size 8 needle.  Be sure to do a swatch to ensure you achieve your desired fabric drape and stitch gauge. 

This is an asymmetric triangle that is a large, mesmerizing wrap to knit. The three sections repeat throughout, until the last part where you do some increases and work cables. There are video links for doing the cables without a cable needle and also a beginner’s alternative in case you don’t wish to cable at all. If you prefer to use a cable needle, you can find one here

This is a large shawl. The photos show a partially completed wrap. You will need three 3-packs of Loops Luxe (9 skeins total) to knit the complete wrap.

"Powder Wrap" can be found on Ravelry.


"Knotty but Nice" makes excellent use of this 3 pack, with a touch of a contrast color.  Go up a size or 2 in your needle, and when you are finished with this roomy shawl, tie the corner for a little flair!  Request this Loops custom pattern in your notes at checkout and we will email you the PDF of the pattern.

The gauge of 3.5 stitches per inch makes Loops Luxe the perfect yarn for any one of the 3 patterns in our "How to Knit, Purl, and YO" Starter Series! (see below)


FREE Starter Series Patterns + Video Tutorials:
Learn how to knit, purl, and yo (yarn over) with our free starter series. Click here to get immediate access to 3 easy, cute patterns and step-by-step videos!

1. Jana's Scarf
2. The Double-Seed Cowl
3. Effin Scarf

What You'll Need:
Yarn: Each pattern in the Starter Series can be made with 3 skeins of Loops Luxe; we're offering it in 3-packs at an amazing price. Choose your color!

Needles: Purchase one #13 32" circular needle and you can make all 3 Starter Series projects with it! 

Each skein is 109 yards per 100 grams at 3.5 stitches per inch. 

Care + Winding Instructions
Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry.

Beginners please note: Like most hand-dyed yarns, the Loops Luxe yarn comes in a hank that will need to be wound into a ball before you start knitting. You can find a short tutorial video for hand-winding here.