Fringeworthy Pattern

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This scarf has received rave reviews from customers as well as our own Loops Troops and is a year-round favorite! The simplicity of the design and soft texture make it one fun knit.  And the fringe happens as you knit--easy peasy! 

What You'll Need:
You'll need 200-400 yards (183-366m) of any weight yarn with good drape and needles 1-2 sizes larger than needle recommended on ball band with a needle length of 32-40 in (80-100cm). Our model is knit with 3 skeins of Moondrake Co. Merino Linen held double on size 9 needles. We've curated other yarns here to give you additional ideas for this versatile and fun-to-knit scarf.  

This pattern is offered free as a PDF document. Just add this pattern to your cart and follow the steps to complete your order. A link to download the pattern will be sent by email.

Here's a quick video to see how to unravel for your fringe!!